CD: War Office Propaganda WOP 23 [2006]

For You, Little Seed
Nightly Gardens
Her Leaves In Gold And Silver
Vision Quest
Lucid Dreams
Hope You Won't Wither

A humus of ricochet sets the scene for the crests and cavities of ambient music that Lingua Fungi explores in this debut album from Finnish artist, Jaakko Padstsu. A plentitude of organic instruments thatch the work, the plucked dual strings of mandolin augment mock folk with flute and the rattling of percussion, guitar echoes sideways into the rumbling of brooks and into precipices of unfettered gloom, chains rattle in silt, embalmed in vibrating caverns. At times the music had the reviewer harkening back to days of the background music of the computer game, Diablo. Condensing folk music with the ambience of dark grottoes, Lingua Fungi pulls off umbra without dragging you into hell, while it never reaches the light it never sinks into baleful drones, preferring to explore cavernous realms.

Unfortunately, poor mastering mars the tracks on this album that while nicely produced in sound quality when swells in sound clips and distorts horribly.


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