CD: Steinklang SKD03 [2004]

Terror Against...
Gleis Null
D. En
Alpha (Long)
Wir Waren...
Koral - Ciern
I Forgot
Eon I

Great name. Wish I could pronounce it. It sounds slightly pornographic when I say it in my Scottish twang. Never heard of them before. Don’t act surprised. I’m willing to bet you haven’t either. Mind you as they’ve been released on the Steinklang Industries record label they must have something going for them. Seemingly "Impuls" is the follow up to their vinyl debut "Rudra" which naturally, if you’ve been reading this properly instead of just quickly scanning over it, I haven’t heard. Having listened intently to it for a couple of days I would classify "Impuls" a bit of a grower. Basing the music within the Industrial electronic scene, but going places they shouldn’t, the thirteen tracks offer up some very strange musical moments.

The first track ‘In’ features a child singing some German song. So far so good. Track two ‘Terror against’ features a distorted spoken sample over static interference and effects. Again good. Then we hit the fuzzy mechanical beats on track three and nothing makes any sense any more. Strange noises fly everywhere to the point of being almost power electronics which causes slight confusion. Track four ‘d.en’ has samples and bombastic blasts over stinging electronics throwing every thought I retained out the window. Then more mechanical noise. Some ritual elements are thrown in for good measure. Everything seems to come at once. Dark ambience. Thundering noise. Alien sounds. Military marches. Evocative atmospheres. Thrilling danceable tunes. Until at the end they use a distorted child’s voice to complete the recording. I’ve not been confronted with such a bewildering array from one act as it to be found on here for quite a while. Trying to second guess where the next track will venture into is utterly impossible. And there in lays the beauty of "Impuls". Instead of sticking to the one form of music they experiment and manipulate to their hearts desire producing a work that is unforgettable. For whatever reasons.

A pleasant, refreshing, surprise gratefully received. Limited to 500 copies on this most collectable of labels.


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