CD: R.A.I.G. R015 [2006]
Ltd x 500

Things Happen To People Who Drink Fiasco
White White
The End Of Your Empire
Bergkamp Theme
Graeme Revelle's Velvet Dream
Non Adequate
Core 3
Deaf Day
Hands In Smooth Palate

Things that piss me off as a reviewer. 1: Getting promo releases sent in on a piece of shit CDR with no artwork. 2: Finding said CDR to be an absolute abomination and offensive to my ears. 3: Getting a full release with great artwork on a proper CD... loving the music... then finding the act concerned has released 5 CDRs prior to the one I'm reviewing. So what's the chances of finding those elusive releases? A big fat Zero. Frustration - I damn you to hell. Lebenswelt falls into the latter category of my reviewing pet hates. At least they didn't make number 1 or 2... which is the only piece of good news, for my part, I can muster.

Lebenswelt are Andrei Blokhin, Igor Mukhin and Mamikon Vartapetyan and this is their first proper CD release (I'll discount the 5 CDRs for now) and the first release on the RAIG record label. As usual the standard of packaging from this label remains exemplary. As with the Womba release [read review here] it is attractively housed in a cardboard folder but has a pull away booklet attached inside. The pictures on the booklet showing a montage of various metallic Industrial objects. Working within, what is commonly called, an experimental / post Industrial field the 13 tracks, with a running time of 64+ minutes, certainly match that description. On here you'll find the artists combining elements taken from dark ambience, metal scraping of all shades, electro acoustic passages, sample manipulation, organic drones, frazzled electronic noise, field recordings (possibly) and a little bit of minimalist leanings. Which about covers the experimental aspect succinctly enough. The whole post Industrial vibe is to be found throughout. The sound sculptures, or soundscapes (doesn't matter what you call them) are an act of desolate refinement.

This is a sonically bleak recording that delves deep into the psyche. The music shifting on aural plains creating the most ingenious of oppressive atmospheres. Whether it be the slowly built up strung out tensions that abound, the inspired use of melancholy induced manipulated electronics, or the rhythmic beats that creep up unawares, the air is fuelled by an apocalyptic cry of intangible frailty and despair. There is so much to admire and nothing to fault on this recording. The act of utilising different musical genres has helped create an aural landscape tinged and seared by fear, loathing and dread... and all without isolating the listener in any shape or form. They drag you into their nightmarish scenario and allow your imagination free reign to decipher the sounds for yourself without resorting to shock tactics of any kind. A welcome change and one that makes this recording stand out from others of that ilk.

To anyone with the slightest bit of interest in intense, and ultimately satisfying, experimental / post Industrial music then this first official release by Lebenswelt meets the bill. Their creative use of sound is masterly and a credit to them. That their release succeeds on so many levels testament to their undoubted talents. Pretty damn excellent all round if I say so myself.

p.s. As for the 5 previous CDRs mentioned earlier. I've no hope in hell of getting my grubby paws on them. They were distributed free only to acquaintances. I doubt a half decently written review will endear them that much to me. Isn't that always the way of things nowadays? Bugger!!


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