MCD: Fin de Siècle Media & Inhospitable Lab [2004]



This is the second collaboration between the two Swedish labels Fin de Siècle Media and Inhospitable Lab (See Des Esseintes / Diskrepant review).

Opening this 3-track disc is an untitled ensemble by L.E.A.K. Some of you will remember the from their debut album "The Old Teahouse" on Cold Meat Industry back in 2001. I never did get round to getting that. So, the new, much anticipated L.E.A.K. should have been well-cooked by now. Well, it's a little too much of a stew for me and tries to cover too many areas. There's lots of reversed samples, clanking around and even some changing there. But, weighing in at 14 minutes, I got a little tired somewhere round the 5 minute mark. But hold on... stick around to 5:30 and it starts to get interesting! A flash of power electronics and some great rhythmic percussion. This track could do with a lot more of the great echoing beat which ensues and a lot less of the irritating grating samples and violin-wrenching sounds which persist almost throughout, cheapening this effort somewhat. The last 4 minutes are full of wonderful dark ambience and slow rhythms - a lot more of this and I'd be happy.

Kosmophon is a new side project of "British cult soundtrack fetishists" Caesar Romero. Now, if you've ever heard Caesar Romero, this is nothing like it. This, my friend, is not "spaghetti western & sleeze"; this is something much better. It is, indeed, hypnotic and by God, worth buying this release for on its own. The track 'Kosmophon' comes with fantastic electric rhythms, pulsating and scratching, weaving in and around one another. High-pitched samples find their way into the mix and the whole thing seamlessly builds up and down again. This is one undulating masterpiece; very addictive and very listenable. 'Mutter', the last track of the EP, promises more of the same pulsating rhythms and doesn't fail. This track is harder listening in places due to the really high-pitched samples but the overall mood is one of dark rhythmic noise. It's not as danceable as, say, Ant-Zen, but will definitely appeal to this camp and those into the Divine Comedy label as well. I'm very much looking forward to the hinted full album by Kosmophon later this year!


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