CD: Nuit et Brouillard NB04 [2001]
Ltd x 500

Unreachable Core
Always Forward, Never Back
The Strong is Strongest when Alone
Power and Overpower
The Mind Overcomes Fear, the Body Overcomes Pain
Total Immersion
October Sea
Walking Through Conflict
Into the Inexorable

This is the fifth and ultimately last release for Law, which in a nutshell comes from Mitchell Altum who happens to be co-founder of the Triumvirate label on which earlier Law albums feature.

The album is a plethora of styles and samples, from the quietude of drones to violent industrial clamour, but there is one consistency; and that it "The Black Lodge" is not consistent, the varying tracks never let the ear settle into rhythmical repetitiveness. The recordings are slick and lush, dripping liquidity, from phrase to phrase. Noise moments shudder in appearance but never threaten to take over any track, like a lighthouse doleful horns warn of the bristling mechanical ramparts. Altum gives monologue to some of the tracks, but not as much as to besmirch the album; in the vein of might=right evil over good, etc. The use of acoustic guitar elements are continued here as in earlier Law albums, yet it is out of phase and suffocated by other sound-scapes, this and the dark range of sounds give "The Black Lodge" an organic quality despite the manufactured moments.  

A digipak presented in a gloss transparent strong envelope. A card fold-out with high photo-gloss paneling that opens out into a cross of five panels with images of stark monuments and empty desolate pathways. The CD itself is in the middle of the five panels in a separate plastic sleeve. The word L A W is stamped horizontally on the inside horizontal 3 panels with the disc also featuring the letter A of the panel behind it. Overall this is a sumptuous aural and visual feast from Law, and it one would not hesitate to label "The Black Lodge" as his best, most mature, work.


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