CD: Tesco Organisation 058 [2004]

Fractured Faith
The Will To Win
The Conundrum
Forbidden Whispers
Empty Tombs (The Tyrrany Of Distance)
The Grimsel Path
Hell To Pay
Lost Dominion (On The Final, Fatal, Bloody Shore)

This album consists of archival recordings from two former SPK members Dominik Guerin and John Murphy. Being recorded in Sydney in 1992 on old analog equipment the resultant ritual/ tribal industrial material carries a certain ‘old school’ aesthetic.

'The Will to Win' with its urgent pounding beats, and loosely constructed rhythms showcases one side of the album, while “The Conundrum” uses an understated tribally tinged classical melody that is further underscored with a muted rhythm section. 'Empty Tombs (The Tyranny of Distance)' is another highlight with hard pulsing noise loops, intermixed with spare tribal percussion and maudlin backing melody.

Constituting something of a homage to Australia’s often overlooked legacy in the experimental/ industrial fields, this is an album that can still hold its own against comparable releases today.


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