CD: Tesco Organisation 059 [2004]

529:4507:1:645 (Part 1: Intense Light)
529:4507:1:645 (Part 2: Gigantic Mushroom)
529:4507:1:645 (Part 3: 15.000 Feet Above)
Sensation Of Heat (Part 1: Conglomeration Of Flames)
Sensation Of Heat (Part 2: Glasslike Substances)
Sensation Of Heat (Part 3: Almost Cataclysmic)
Thermonuclear Process (Part 1: Physical:Mental:Psychological)
Thermonuclear Process (Part 2: Melted And Solidified)
Thermonuclear Process (Part 3: Through Dark Glasses)
Thermonuclear Process (Part 4: Black Trail Of Dust Particles)

Admittedly I was quite impressed with Land:Fire’s debut vinyl only LP. However this sophomore album is far superior on all counts & absolutely flawed me on introductory listens.

Concept-wise this album is solidly and cleverly focused, revolving around the detonation of the first atomic device ‘Trinity’ at 5:29:45 am on July 16, 1945. Musically this encompasses an expertly executed dark ambient/ heavy electronics sound. Yet the most engaging element of the album’s atmosphere is its technical & clinically tinged take on the genre, whist still retaining an ominous orchestral aura. Additionally, digital nuisances, rhythmic interludes & radio chatter are interspersed within the compositions, adding to the complexity of the musical framework.

Packaged in a slick full colour digipack DVD cover with insert booklet, the visuals equally measure up to the music contained within.


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