CD: Ground Fault GF032 [2004]

Kaluli Longhouse Ceremony
Voie IV
The Stone that Hides the Ant Heap
Masking; Loud
Telefonbau Normalzeit
Noisestudy: Brown - Pink - White
Noisestudy: White - Pink - Brown
Noisestudy: Brown - White - Pink
Noisestudy: Pink - White - Brown
2050 °C
Klockan Är Elva
Alla Gamla
Ontological Time

A cloud of apathy hangs high above me. Why do I bother spending precious time and effort writing up reviews when I could be doing more important and useful things? Like masturbating to the national news. Or sleeping. Which comes just after a wank funnily enough. I know no-one will heed my advice and go and actually buy any of the CDs I highly recommend. Still it’s a cross I have to carry so I’ll keep slogging away until my enthusiasm for the task finally dies.

What keeps me going is hearing something fresh and vibrant that’s away from the norm and L/A/B fits perfectly into this criteria. The boring info bit next. "Psychoacoustics" is the second part of a series released by Ground Fault Recordings. Series 1 is billed as ‘quiet’ and Series 3 as ‘loud’. Here we have series 2 which is ‘medium’. It reminds me of a curry house and their grading for colon busting fare. L/A/B are P Laukka, J D Aneheim and the man for all seasons Mr Folkstorm, MZ412 and countless other projects H N Bjorkk. "Psychoacoustics" is a live improvisation… without an audience it would appear…so live as in one take in the studio and that’s a wrap folks. Possibly. This is pure thinking mans experimental music. No OTT noise histrionics to cause sudden convulsions and nausea. No quiet passages that sound like total silence. What you do get is 15 tracks of…fuck knows how to describe it. Off the wall not of this planet type of electronic cut ups and textured weirdness seems apt enough. But even this doesn’t tell the whole story. Extremely surreal sounds abound before crashing headlong into a rhythmic piece that then explodes into a different musical orbit. Wow!! What separates this from other like minded projects is the quality of the artists involved and the way it all hangs together as a complete whole. Mind blowing in a good gooey way.

It goes without saying that if you want to hear music that challenges but is ultimately rewarding for your perseverance then you should go and buy this. But you probably won’t. So for the first time ever I’m going to make you an offer like that dead cunt who used to sell razors. If you buy this CD and don’t get one iota of enjoyment from it I’ll refund you your money. That’s a big Al promise. Prevaricator that I am.


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