CD: Dark Seeds DSCD002 [2003]

Everything Is War
The Lonliest Fool
Knee Deep In My Own Blood
This Womb
I Love You

There’s a mythical place known as the musicians graveyard that some people swear exists. Full of the decaying remains of once great acts that have had their day every year more and more sadly trundle there to spend their last remaining days recalling the glory years. Pessary are there. So too The Last Few Days. And Soldnergeist. And…the roll call of names is too large to fully comprehend. If only they had the support they needed. If only they were promoted fully and brought to everyone’s attention. If only people purchased their product. If only…if only. But we…yes…you and I…can do something about this. We can make a change. A difference. We can save some of these acts from extinction.

Take Love Power Experiment as an example. Here is a budding artist. A fledgling who has his first proper release taking the tentative steps into the unknown. He has a name. He’s D Sullivan. He has a face. Visit his website and stare into those cute eyes. See the sadness etched upon them. His cd is called: ‘The politics of self mutilation’. It has eight tracks. They are titled: ‘War’, ‘Everything is War’, ‘i’ , ‘The lonliest fool’, ‘Knee deep in my own blood’, ‘This womb’, ‘I love you’, and ‘Birth’. He plays a mixture of black ambient / drone / power electronics. Alien soundscapes for an alien nation. Some of the music reminds me of Troum. Some reminds me of Inade. Other parts recall a watered down Merzbow. He created these sounds using only the basest and barest of materials yet the atmospheres are tantalisingly professional. There’s a stark and chilling refinement to the music that evokes pictures of desolation and a disturbed mind at play. Ghosts of a gruesome past melding with the future.

He has the potential on this showing to go onto greater things. To amplify his visions. To channel his fertile mind onto even greater works. But only if we can help him. He needs us. Don’t let his musical demise be on your conscious. I’ve done my bit by bringing him to your attention. Now you must do yours. Finance his development by buying this CD. The graveyard is no place for this artist to be.


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