CD: Ars Musica Diffundere AMD010 [2005]

Our Lady Of Sedlec
The Day Of Wrath
If I Could Ride My Horses
The Voice Of God
Empty Room
Dies Irae
Last Song

Argentinean band, Kutna Hora follow up their well received "Will or Nothing" debut album of folk-pop with a change in perspective on "Obsession, Faith, Perseverance", coloured by a panoply of styles for the most part incongruous with their débouché. While the lineup remains constant there is a steady stream of guest musicians throughout the album, though it is doubtful they are the reason for the altered state of the music.

Martial beats hammer out dark paths crackling with majestic orchestral clamour abraded by pseudo electronica haze immediately clarify Kutna Hora's new musical inclusion and when familiar acoustic guitars emerge they are warped in modern membrane, with Gabriel Carbone's pleasant voice distorted in a smoky march. It takes until the third track, 'Circles' to find the band's former stomping ground of undiluted (at least in the sense of new augmentation of the previous tracks) folk-pop that pulsates on rock like acoustic guitar and warm percussion, yet this track too hints the band's evolution. Buoyant to bleak, the music dives somber tread with haunting vocals illumed by a more dark ambient underlay to tracks rustling with acoustic guitar and sampled electronic percussion. The cameos of the various guests bring a more classical involvement on the tracks they feature, performing electric violin, viola, and cello to acoustic ballads, which tend to weigh the end of the album.

One of the longest folk album's you‚ll find at seventy-eight minutes, sustained by experimental ambient forays and expansive sampled passages as preludes and outro leaves "Obsession Faith Perseverance" as a divergent development without abandoning their folk-pop heritage and perhaps even enhancing their accessibility.

A glossed, black digipak cradles the disc with Gaussian blurred text and sparse symbols. A similar well printed twelve page lacquered booklet replete with full lyric sheet and liner notes slots inside the package.


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