CDr: Eitux [2003]

Nightmare Crossing Over
Alien Presense
The Village
You Don't Say
Inner Worlds
Nervous Barnyard Afterture & Rebirth

Limbo, if you believe in such things, is a hell of a place to be if you're a lost soul. "InnerWorlds - part one" currently resides in CD limbo. Neither good enough to reach the higher echelons of greatness nor bad enough to be kicked across the room in anger and frustration. It just exists. Harmless and ineffectual stirring the loins of no-one. I feel bad writing this, honest I do, because Kurt Michaels has put a lot of his time and energy into this work in which he believes so strongly in. Straddling the line between electronic / ambient / experimental music it's neither dark nor weird enough to grab your attention. When it finished playing I had forgotten all about it. I couldn't recall anything, not even one stand out moment, even after repeated plays. This is not a good sign. The passion and emotion that would or could have transformed this recording had long been posted AWOL. Someone somewhere may get off on this, maybe Kurt's family or close friends, but not me. No way man. In summation, this CD is very chirpee chirpee cheap cheap ie 'Middle of the Road'.


[Kurt Michaels]

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