3" CDR: Ostroga OTR-05 [2005]
Ltd x 130

Iron Of Bogs

There are times when I’m not sure how to start a review. Should I try and stick to just the facts or maybe try some comedy to lighten things up. Comedy only works when others get the joke and don’t feel insulted by the results. After upsetting certain artists / countries…which will remain nameless for fear of further flaming hate e.mails…perhaps I should leave out the funny stuff. Which just leaves me writing up the facts as I see / hear them. Which is fine when the release in question is a full albums worth but what can be said…without further insulting the intelligence of artists / readers… about a limited to 130 copies two track 18 minutes split 3" CDR by totally unknown artists to the reviewer. Well here’s another of my futile attempt for you all to peruse.

Kromeshna & M. Nomized are Russian and French musicians. Although possibly not in that order. The two tracks are collaborations which means both acts worked together on them. Maybe. This is being released by the Ostroga Art Union. Whoever / whatever they are. The first track titled ‘Iron of bogs’ lasts just under 8 minutes. Placed somewhere between experimental ambience and spazzed out electronics it’s a kind of sound textured collage of effects that incorporates all manner of gurgling / glugging / frazzled noises and other weird goings on that ultimately has a calming residue about it. Kind of serene in a quirky sort of way. The second track ‘Metal’ is a more meatier piece lasting 10 minutes. Starting with slightly distorted electronics which takes centre stage it swiftly adds a rhythmic all consuming back beat as other layers are progressively added into the mix before changing tempo mid way through into a slower more experimental piece.

All told both pieces are a fine example of artists attempting something slightly different from the norm by mixing up genres and although not exactly life affirming or an urgent essential purchase the 18 minutes spent of your time in this fine company of artists flies by enjoyably enough.



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