CDR: Pre--Release [2005]

biTer (deep cut edit)
high level input - slow speed
output (well done)
extenDEAD konnektion (diskonnekted shortended version)

Stop the presses! Hold the front page! Aural Pressure has a scoop. Ground-breaking headline news. Read all about it! Read all about it! With your interest suitably awoken it has to be said that this is the first…and probably last…pre-release that will ever be reviewed on this site. The line has to be drawn somewhere so it starts and ends here now. Yes you read that right…this is a pre-release. To be issued on the Malignant Record label sometime in to be confirmed…this review acts merely as a warm up to get the juices flowing. When you eventually get your grubby mitts on a copy have a mop ready. You’ll need it.

Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester is a duo comprising Kristoffer Oustad of the Norweigan black metal band V:28 and Peter Nyström of Megaptera / Each Dawn I Die / Instant Cold Commando / Negru Voda / Obscene Noise Korporation (I think that’s them all) fame. Comprising 3 tracks "BRAKEhead" is a slightly more caustic Son of Megaptera and amalgamation of all the good bits from all the aforementioned acts. The first track ‘biTer’ sets the tone perfectly with a sub 8 minute piece of a swirling whirlwind of dense electronics over a rapidly pounded beat and fuzzy echoing sample. The gauntlet laid track two, the 5 minute, ‘high level input’ starts off as far harsher affair where the wall of claustrophobic sounds comes crashing down until all that remains are the slowly clearing clouds of dust particles over running water and metal bashing at its best. Which just leaves the mighty ‘extenDEAD konnektion’ to complete this unholy trio of tracks. At just under 20 minutes in duration all the stops are pulled out as pure sonic noise patterns are formed then destroyed repeatedly before being rebuilt into something completely different. It eventually ends with a dispassionate sample over subdued…compared to what’s gone on before…electronics.

"BRAKEhead" is a phenomenally majestic piece of dark ambience and noise that will leave you totally awe struck. The visceral raw power of the electronics is a thing of untamed beauty that heralds in a new era by which others must now be judged against. When it eventually gets released there will possibly be a change to the cover art and track titles, this came in a home made cover and CDR with the titles hard to differentiate, but the music will, thankfully, remain unchanged. Pre-order your copy at the soonest opportunity and get ready to rumble along to Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester.


[Peter Nyström]

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