CD: Cold Spring Records CSR58CD [2005]

Für kaiser, Gott und Vaterland
Die Legion
Zucht und Hunger
Eiserne Menschen
Zeun Appell
Leu der Lüfte

Over the past eight weeks or so Cold Spring Records have released recordings by Kriegsfall-U, Deadwood, H.E.R.R and now Kreuzweg Ost. That is one mighty impressive roster of artists. Each different in musical style and in their own ways each an essential purchase. Do yourself a favour and buy them all and give your ears an early Xmas present. But…and this is in no way detrimental to Kriegsfall-U, Deadwood or H.E.R.R…there can only be one bride. Kreuzweg Ost is the chosen one for me.

Founded in 2000 by Austrian underground artists Michael Gregor and Martin Schirenc, with Oliver Stummer added to the line up in 2003, this is their debut release for Cold Spring Records. Their mighty professed concept is about making musical translations of various movies dealing with military or religious topics. To meet this end they utilise Martial Industrial and Neo-classical music in ways that will leave you frothing at the mouth with rabid excitement. The nine tracks represented on "Edelrost" take the best bits from every known Martial / Neo-classical act, both past and present, and welded them into this riotous CD recording. Plagiarism at its best with their own added twists to the genres. Baron Frankenstein running freely amok in the studio creating the ultimate musical monster. Powerfully strong with no weak points to topple it. There’s the strident rampant anthems of ‘Fur Kaiser, Gott und Baterland’, ‘Zucht und hunger’, ‘Ciserne Menschen’, ‘Zum Uppell’, ‘Rasputin’, and ‘Leu der lufte’ which will leave you reeling and gagging for more. The majestic orchestral pieces, electronic effects and thrusting drums making for an unforgettable aural pleasure. Even the slower tracks have a haunting beauty with a black atmospheric heart to them. The vocals / samples are a mix of male / female in German / English which works in conjunction to the music encompassing sensual voice and moans, threatening paranoid visceral rants and melancholy wallowing. Add in a little Eastern mysticism to add further flavour and that in a nut shell is "Edelrost".

Kreuzweg Ost’s stated aims have been met and surpassed with "Edelrost". The barriers have been raised and the gauntlet thrown down. Who dares to challenge them? It will take something very special indeed to beat this recording hands down. Let battle commence.


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