CD: Nautilus NA04 [200?]

Tuerie à la port de Blankenberghe
La cabine noire
Le buccin perdu et la néréide
La petite histoire de la cuisinière rasée et le capitaine barbu
The seamen's club
Le secret de matelot & vego
The chant of the Kraken 16.02.13 - Boka Kokore

"Forlisa" is a nice surprise. I hadn’t been expecting much after finding out the group came from Belgium. Belgium! What the fuck has ever come out of Belgium that could even remotely be classified as good? Apart from the roads out of the country that is.

I now offer my sincerest apologies to anyone from Belgium foolish enough to read this. You have got one thing of merit. They go by the name of Kraken and hopefully "Forlisa" will garner them the plaudits they deserve. Only time will tell. If any of you are old enough you may remember the film "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" starring the late James Mason & Kirk Douglas about the journey and adventures of the submarine Nautilus. Well this is thesoundtrack for that film if it were to be updated and remade today. Close your eyes and feel yourself sinking into the murky depths of the ocean encountering strange creatures from another time. Water based ambient anyone? "Forlisa" sounds even more stranger that the words written but don’t let that deter you from buying this. From the bizarre samples through to the alien agitated sounds it’s one hell of a journey.

Truly this takes atmospheric music to another level and dimension and is a record you’ll want to sink your teeth into.



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