2 x CD: Spectre S17 [2005]

Kamer 354
In De Regen Gaat Het Ook
Verraad Van Rijo Vego
In De Diepte Is Alles Goed
Drie Wegen Naar De Dood
Alles Wordt Wit
De Hoorn In Je Hoofd

Amore 2.1
Amore 2.2

The Belgian duo return onto the scene after their watery gurgling "Förlisa" release [read review here] …which having revisited it for this review is actually better than I had initially written up and remembered…with a double CD of delights on the Spectre record label. Sticking to their formula of dark ambient electronics and drones…with added samples…they have produced a wonderfully deep and involving atmospheric sound.

The seven tracks on CD number 1 take the listener on a voyage of discovery into the blackest of recesses. Here the drones and ambience are claustrophobic in structure with eerie metal on metal sounds mixed in along with all manner of electronic effects that bring out the feelings of queasy unease. Not afraid to chance their arms their selection of samples are strange…the sounds of a busy market street and traffic for one…and yet not out of place. For here within the assorted flamboyant created sounds nothing is what it first seems. Voices are vividly brought to the fore or deeply buried as the music continues to create the illusion of a journey into a world populated by blank nothingness. To their credit these soundscapes don’t alienate but instead pull the listener into this musical world they have created.

The 2 tracks on CD 2 are possibly easier to get into. The first 69 minute track deals with the Aids virus. The spoken word medical samples are backed by a suitably black aura which is enlightening as it is harrowing. Here they employ the full gamut of muggy funereal ambient sounds to illuminate and expand on the spoken words. The closing track is a 49 second musical affair using a harpsichord (?) which ends the recording on an optimistic high note.

"Amore" is a recording full of contrasts. The first CD requires an active attention span to fully appreciate the artistry involved. Although steeped in black ambience and drones the occasional slight experimental feel could be off putting for lesser souls. Whilst the second CD is more easily accessible to those into the darker side of music and life. All in all though the release is deceptively awe inspiring and is different enough to be a viable purchase for ambient / drone collectors.



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