CDR: Autarkeia 04 [2004]

More Tower To Us From Here
Purple Fish On White Night
Unknown 1
Unknown 2

Excerpts from the diary of Scott of the Antartic.

Mar 19 1910 - My dearest Emily. Damn it’s cold. We’ve stopped for we cannot proceed any further due to the high storms. I sense my companions feel we are doomed to failure but are trying to keep their spirits up. Jolly good chaps one and all. We’ve all just eaten some BBQ husky dog. Very nice it was although a bit hairy for my liking. I can’t thank you enough for the package you put into my rucksack. The compact disk player and Kouhei Mistuning CD is sure to give me pleasure. I’m going to listen to it now and think of you. I don’t think the flip flops and Bermuda shorts was such a good idea my love.

Mar 20 1910 - My darling Emily what were you thinking? I’ve played the CD many times and verily I’m confused. This Kouhei Mistuning group seem to be experimental artists with an abstract view as to what constitutes music. Take track one for example. Every time it settles into any sort of rhythm they go off into completely different tangents making it very difficult to follow. Is it meant to be so my love? My ears and head ached trying to keep my train of thought. I longed for a foot tapper….a bit difficult in the circumstances as I lost all my toes to frostbite last Friday…but found nothing here to engage and enthral me. As for the last two of the four tracks ‘Untitled 1& 2’…well my sweet pumpkin I just thank the good Lord you remembered the aspirin tablets. What a confounded damned noise. Who on Gods earth would like this cacophony? I know you meant well but this recording should come with a general health warning.

Mar 21 1910 - My angel Emily. Old Captain Oates is struggling. I’ve lent him my player to cheer him up. He played the CD once then said he needed to go for a walk. We haven’t seen him since. Do you think the music may have something to do with his departure? I know that it wasn’t to my taste but surely there must be someone out there who will appreciate a small piece of avant-garde weirdness. I pray it is so.

Mar 22 1910 - My little petal Emily. The storm has at last abated. I shall write no more. We will gather our gear and if God is shining on us we should be home within the week


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