CD: Eibon Records KON061 [2006]

Sadness Embrace
Speech From The Shadows
Crawling Darkness

A meeting of minds that has produced an dark ambient masterpiece. That was my gut feeling after hearing this debut by Konau. The more I heard it the more that feeling of mine was proved correct. Konau is the combined talents of Subinterior and members from New Risen Throne. Although New Risen Throne, whose recordings I have in my collection, haven’t appeared in AP for review (if you don’t send them in they can’t be written up) Subinterior did enjoy a good review from yours truly so I know what I’m talking about. Which makes a change I suppose. Eibon Records also know a good thing when they hear it which is why they’ve had the sense to put this release out. The recordings I get from this label get my respect for their quality every time.

"Speech from the shadows" is six tracks lasting just under 52 minutes of the darkest of dark music. The haunting refrain of twisted shadows and cold dank cellars. Of water slowly dripping into murky pools reflected in the moonlight. A claustrophobic virtual musical extravaganza where candle lights flicker and small whips of smoke rise to the ceiling. Reverberating layered alien sounds punctuate the air as an all encompassing presence makes itself felt. Traversing down long deserted corridors to the sounds of monks chanting in the distance whilst something evil follows closely behind. Abandoned and forgotten about. A traveller lost in time and space. Ancient relics of the past finally uncovered by the elements. Voices not of this earth calling from a distance. Dead men walking. Lost souls haunting their surroundings. Disembodied voices and distant rumbles punctuate the fetid air. The absolute meaning of darkness worn like a mask of despair suffocating the wearer. Intimidati ng ethereal atmospheres run amok with gleeful abandon. The fertile imaginations of those who hear this will see their own visions that these tracks invoke.

Which is why this genre of music so inspires. It develops a unique picture to each individual who comes into contact with it. No two people will conjure up the same references as they bathe in the glorious sounds. Heard in the bright light of day is a totally different experience from hearing it sat in the pitch black through a set of headphones. There are of course many such recordings that have the same effect and this release by Konau joins that illustrious list. A serious contender for one of the records of the year… and its only April!! A must have for all you black hearts out there and a timeless classic which will take some surpassing.



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