CD: Blade Records
Ltd x 40

To Come...

Another day and another limited edition CD that my overtime work ethic has paid for comes crashing through my post box. This time it’s number 19 of 40 copies for this recording. Great! I’ll keep it for 5 years then flog it on eBay. I may well get £2.50 (including postage) on a good day and make my money back…not.

Limited releases are the bane of my life. Unless they are by TG, Whitehouse or Coil I ponder why labels actually put them out in such small numbers because as a future investment they are generally worth zilch in the long run. Perhaps someone more enlightened would like to explain to me the theory of this policy to me because I’m fucked if I understand it. As the 19th receiver of this CD by Klood I suppose I should tell you what you’ll get if you feel the need to get a copy before they all sell out. Think minimal electronics. Think drone like structures. Think ambient of the dark variety. Think slow building pieces of near silence. Think echoes of sonic ambivalence. Think storms brewing and gusting at hurricane speeds. Think positively. Think you’ll like it if you can track down a copy. Think I’m selling my copy? Think again.

‘Retraction’ cries out for a full release so that others may get to hear the Klood experience for themselves. It’s just a shame that so many of you will miss out on this great release.



Direct Link: http://www.auralpressure.com/review/k/klood_retraction.html