CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-22 [2006]
Ltd x 102

Reintegration Or Assimilation?
Chronic Paranoid
Physical Disfigurement Through Antipsychotic Therapy

"Two headed dog. Two headed dog. I’ve been working in the Kremlin with a two headed dog". Thus sang Roky Erickson, acid causality and ex-front man of the 13th Floor Elevators, on one of his more brain fried workouts. Listening to this release by Ryan Oppermann (Redrot / Neuntoter Der Plag) brought that old Roky tune into my head for some unexplained irrational reason. The more I thought about it (I have sometimes too much time on my hands) the more it made sense. Well to me anyway. Firstly: This CDR is released on the Russian Abgurd record label. Secondly: The theme for the recording is mental hospitals, medication, psychosis for which Roky knows well about. Thirdly: Ryan like Roky is American. Lastly: a two headed dog is an aberration against nature, a scientific experiment gone wrong, a mad bad bastard of a canine. A monster in other words. And as recordings go "Miasma" is one glorified mutated collywobbling monster .

Ryan obviously has his influences. He must have studied the great Death Industrial acts of the past / present in some depth as his 4 track 70 odd minutes CDR has all the hallmarks of the greats, Italian and others, stamped upon it. "Miasma" though manages to retain his own identity whilst paying homage to his peers and the fact that his music remains so distinguishable gives him great credit. These four long tracks are a walk in the dark side. A nightmare vision of horrific foreboding. The creepy sensations of slowly losing ones mind trying desperately to hold onto sanity. A massive brooding affair that will only end in blood and tears… yours!! The sort of recording that if played under the right circumstances could induce a cardiac arrest. The electronics playing to the inner fears by producing that great queasy unease. Alone in the dark… not me. I’m playing this with the room fully lit thank you. Which is of course what your paying for. Thrill me chill me music. Just as the video nasties of old brought out the repulsion factor as you crammed around the television set so "Miasma" recreates that feeling aurally. With only one sample to interrupt the flow of music, although it fits in perfectly within the overall scheme of things, the music is given free reign to assault and terrify. The perfect soundtrack for the world we currently inhabit.

Good old Death Industrial. Can’t get enough of it myself. Specially when its been crafted with the deft touch and reverence that Ryan has for the genre. Sadly limited to only 102 hand painted copies with artwork appropriate to the subject matter the words ’must get in quick’ spring readily to mind to avoid bitter disappointment at missing out on this remarkable recording. You’d be barking mad if you did… just like poor old fucked up Roky.


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