CDR: Diophantine Discs n=2 [2006]
Ltd x 100

Transmission 1
Transmission 2
Transmission 3
Transmission 4
Transmission 5
Transmission 6

John Gore. Loving your work. Loved the last Kirchenkampf release. I actually wrote…and meant it…that it was a ‘beautiful piece of music that draws you in and envelops you in dark magic’. The only fly in the ointment being the recordings rather short duration. "Transmissions" rectifies that little problem by giving you over 50 minutes worth of classical spatial experimental black ambience that Johnny boy is so adept at releasing. Having cut his teeth with numerous different projects…and of course is head man of Cohort records…this latest, number 6 I believe, Kirchenkampf opus is being released as a limited edition CDR (100 copies only and counting) on the new American Diophantine Discs label. Why not his own label…where latter Kirchenkampf recordings are to be found…is a mystery which I, being a mere mortal, cannot answer. Some things are just meant to be. Give thanks then that someone had at least the acumen to put it out. Though 100 copies is a pitiful amount for such a superbly atmospheric release. Oh…and the slim-line jewel CD case is no great shakes. This release deserves better.

Transmissions’ consists of 6 tracks that conjure up all manner of creative sounds. On the one hand there’s the deep and dark skin crawling ambience akin to a subterranean trip into the bowels of an uncharted planet. Dank and cold the processed filtered music is full of claustrophobia and sweat inducing paranoia. On the other the feelings of exploration into the far reaches of the galaxy where suns flare and moons glow. Comets leaving trails of bright illuminations as they traverse through the vast vacuums of space. Then there’s the edges of extreme experimental where radio signals and voices are turned inside out and pulled in all directions akin to an alien dialect. "Transmissions" boldly goes where so few men have gone before. Actually that’s untrue. Spatial ambience has been done many times over by many artists to varying degrees of success. Easy to learn. Harder to master. For it to truly succeed you have to be able to fully immerse yourself into the music and mindset of the artist and…essentially…go to where he wants to take you. I was lost in space…great television show, crap film…and was mesmerised by every second of the trip. In fact I’m going back there again soon. Care to come along for the ride of a lifetime?


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