3" CDR: Cohort Records [2005]

The Secret Life Of Machines

John Gore…he of the many different musical projects…has just released a little cracker of a release. Little… as in it comes in the form of a tiny 3 inch shiny disc. Cracker…because that’s what it is. Pure and simple. No pretentious airs or graces will be written to describe this. No preposterous usage of huge words whilst hurting the fingers hammering away at the keys. Just a very quick write up with a suitable endorsement at the end. Way to go.

"The secret life of machines"’ is 19 minutes of electronic black ambience. How it compares to past Kirchenkampf releases I don’t know as this is the first I’ve heard from this project but I’ve a feeling I’ve been seriously missing out if this recording is anything to go by. Coming on like a cosmic outer world piece, part space part machine ambient, the music goes boldly where no mans gone before. Possibly. The music swirls with howls and reverb and speckles of indiscriminate whooshes and high frequencies abound. And that’s it. But…it’s the way that the music has been ingeniously structured and conjured up that makes it what it is. A beautiful piece of music that draws you in and envelops you in dark magic. I recommended to you the last piece of music that John Gore was involved in…namely the Gore Hall Reider release [read review here] …and without any reservations I urge you to seek this one ASAP. An exceptional piece of ambient mood music you’ll ever find this or any other year.


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