CD: Flood The Earth FTE07 [2006]

Abandoned Glory
Fortuna Synapsis
The Black Waves
Enshrouded Lands
An Omnious Serenade
Dioxide Universal
When Darkness Falls

The main brain and man behind... deep breath... Arcane Art, Dense Vision Shrine, Penitent, Veiled Allusions, Defraktor and The Flux Komplex, returns with another 7 tracks wedged deep inside the dark ambient genre. Karsten sure knows his way round this musical style as emphasised here on "Broken Whispers". I wouldn't be overstepping the mark by proclaiming that Karsten is one of the leading lights within the dark ambient spectrum. You only have to look at his other projects to see his musical pedigree as proof of the pudding. Therefore it will come as no surprise when I say that "Broken Whispers" continues with his fine tradition of putting out the finest blackest atmospheres around. Which really is all there needs to be said. Except of course I can't leave it at that. I have to justify my words otherwise I end up having to do a re-write - which I'm not inclined to do at the moment for personal reasons.

So, "Broken Whispers" incorporates all that is good within a dark ambient release. The electronic atmospheres are suitably desolate and depressing with touches of beat induced passages and melody here and there. There's even a deft flick over to some more minimalist / faintly experimental leanings which adds a certain amount of 'oomph' to proceedings making for a more thoughtful and insightful release. The music overall is a fascinating mix that still retains the blackness so beloved of listeners to this style of ambience. Managing to hold the attention by incorporating different elements, "Broken Whispers" is a transfixing recording from a musician skilled in making dark sonic adventures.I really don‚t need to write any more. Karsten has such a huge following that "Broken Whispers" will quickly sell out no matter what type of reviews this receives. The fact I was highly impressed with it means, in the end, nothing. A satisfied customer is all I end up being.

To put the record straight though, and to do my reviewing job properly, "Broken Whispers" is another pinnacle in Karsten's illustrious career and an excellent example of dark ambient music. Get it while you still can.


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