CD: Eternal Pride Productions EPP02 / Possession Productions [2004]

Part I: The Entering
1. Realms of Night
2. Mother of the Darkness
Part II: Travel Into The Dark
3. Through the Frozen Wastelands
Part III: Dead Falls Asleep
4. Shadows Are Peaking With Me
5. Ghosts
6. Midnight Bells of Abyss

By my scientific conclusive calculations* there have been 373 black / dark / even blacker still ambient recordings released over the past 3 years…or 36 months if you want…or even 1,095 days. This is every release from every major / minor / home based record labels from all over the world. Just reflect on that for a moment. Delving further into this figure reveals that only 128 from that 373 are actually worth purchasing** and adding to your collection. And if you did buy them all you will have spent, roughly depending on where you purchase them from, the grand total of…£1,792. I’ll let you do the math for converting this figure into dollars, yen or whatever currency you use. For number 374 to a) succeed and b) be worth your cash it needs to be something special as there’s a load of competition out there.

Karna are Horth & Kjetthaar…forenames are sooo passé nowadays…from somewhere deep inside Russia. Although it could also be Belarus. Eastern Europe anyway. They have a manifesto. They say in the inside cover…and I quote…‘We support any kind of action directing against Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and other displays of human weakness and helplessness. We support any kind of action destroying humanity. We support any kind of action leading us into chaos’. Bang goes their invite to the local church fete.

Back to business… "Diabolic" is three tracks, split into 6 parts, of 40+ minutes of black ambient music that is their aural interpretations of what one of the groups nightmares would sound like. We don’t know whose nightmares…is it Horth’s or is it Kjetthaar’s***… this represents but suffice to say that after playing this recording a few times the poor fucker must wake up drenched in sweat. Sounding more of a parrot with every release I review the words to describe this type of music: eerie, intriguing, bleak, morose, atmospheric, chilling, excellent, grandiose, dark, foreboding, innovative, sublime, reverberating come flooding from my beak. Their vision of descending into a nether world full of decay and torment has been fully realised. The sounds are suitably ghoulish and have just the right amount of intensity in them to sustain interest over the 40+ minutes.

Overall it’s an immensely satisfying and gratifying listening experience. It won’t set the world on fire in the originality stakes, it’s a slow burner in that respect, but there’s enough good music on here to make it worth purchasing. Although if we do all descend into chaos how the fuck are you supposed to buy it? Didn’t think that one through did you Horth & Kjetthaar.

* In other words…a number just off the top of my head. Probably pretty close though.

** And yet another ‘off the top’ of my head moments. I just love it when the drugs kick in.

*** Don’t eat cheese before going to bed. Works for me


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