CD: Cyclic Law 8th Cycle [2004]
Ltd x 1000

Heili Karjalasta
Sika Setä
Kunnia Isänmaa
Elämän Kovat Koulut
Soon the Stroke Strikes
Jesus Ställde In
Haulikolla Hommat Järjestykseen
Kapitulieren? Nein!
11 Avioero
Juokse Sinä Humma

This, the third full-length release from Karjalan Sissit, was also released on an LP and boxset on the Eternal Soul label earlier this year. Cyclic Law is beginning to look like one of those 'Must Have' labels to collect - beautiful packaging, outstanding music and this only their 8th opus. One small note - the song titles on the album sleeve and the ones on the Cyclic Law site are different, but I'm going by the Sleeve....

"Karjalasta Kajahtaa" begins with a traditional Finnish Humppa piece. This is one of KJ's hallmarks, used in their Cold Spring self-titled debut and on their previous title "Miserere" on Cold Meat Industry. Further examples of this upbeat, Finnish folk music intervene with 'Tulipunaruusut' and the finale 'Juokse Sinä Humma'.

'Sika Setä' begins with claustrophobic vocals over metallic, scraping samples and soon turns its hand to rhythmic, noisy, bombastic elements. The main difference with previous KJ releases is the very noisy, threatening vocal element, reminiscent of Rasthof Dachau.

'Kunnia Isänmaa' brings out the true flavour of this release - produced by Peter Bjärgö (Sophia / Arcana), the influences are very evident here. It could very well be Sophia and, ass-kissing aside, that suits me down to the ground! I just wish the track was a little longer. Fantastic neo-classical, bombastic ferocity. This is evident again on the penultimate track '11 Avioero' where hints of Laibach are obvious.

'Elämän Kovat Koulut' and 'Soon the Stroke Strikes' are beautiful, slow pieces with strings, and very similar to Arcana or Raison D'Être. Both feature, I think, radio samples and have a certain mournfulness to them.

'ESS' begins with insane vocals and the track soon enters into soundtrack territory. With proud choirs and military percussion, this would definitely suit fans of CMI acts such as In Slaughter Natives or The Protagonist. 'Jesus Ställde In' is another fine example of this type of orchestral sound and is very listenable indeed.

'Haulikolla Hommat Järjestykseen' is a quiet soundtrack-eque affair. Lots of strings, brass instruments and a few dark vocals in places make this quite threatening: reminiscent of 'Armenia' by Einstürzende Neubauten from their album "Drawings Of Patient OT". 'Kapitulieren? Nein!' is another slow piece beginning with dark neoclassical interlaced with glorious choirs and continuing with bombastic orchestral power.

If you've heard previous Karjalan Sissit releases or are a massive Sophia fan like myself, you will not be disappointed. This is simply a must-have; a fantastic release for all true music lovers. Get it while you can....


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