CDR: Misty Circles MCR61 [2006]
Ltd x 100

Respice Finem
Third Level
Tragedia d'Amore e di Morte
La Fine Dell'Uomo
L'Eterna Donna

From the label that enervated Italian dark music with Ain Soph, Circus Joy, Argine, Spiritual Front, et al, comes one of the newest libations to dark and experimental music, this time firmly rooted in the esoteric airwaves of neofolk in the tradition of Spiritual Front, Inner Glory, or Death in June, Kannonau makes bold their debut foray – these artists more datum in quality and song craft than prodigious. Exclusively distributed by HauRuck! SPQR (Italian division) you can imagine this little gem will be snapped up to ne’er be seen except in the oleaginous fingers of the lucky few, especially limited to 100 copies.

There is not anything especially revolutionary in the music of Kannonau yet there is more than enough to hoard to the breast and cherish in the short twenty minutes, five tracks presented on this their self-titled debut. Pent chimes unfold to the susurrations of insects before the chrysalis of brilliantine guitars shimmer a striking paean, Italian vocals drawing similar neofolk comparison, yet just as poignant. Following the opening track a more languid waltz breezes with joint male and female vocals in ‘Third Level’, fresh guitars decay with the meter 1, 2, 3, despite strong string backbones. The presence of guest artists Calle Della Morte and The Green Man are notable in the curled lip of ‘Tragedia d’Amore e di Morte’ with its gnawing, insidious cello and demagogic rodomontade and the martial opera-esque vitrification of ‘La Fine dell’Uomo’. Finally, the darker aspects squirm through the surface courtesy of Daniele Giustra of The Well of Sadness, with a march of death counted out in solemn tom drum and corpulent organs stride like skeletal coistrel to the vocals full with the rancour of the earth, the grave.

The CDR comes with full colour packaging including CD disc cover featuring bronzed Italian sculpture and artful bas relief artwork.


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