CD: Cyclic Law 12th Cycle [2005]
Ltd x 1000

The Starwheel [Clockwise]
The Starwheel [Counter]
A Room Between The Rooms
Sleep After Toyle, Port After Stormie Seas
All Quiet In The Land Of Frozen Scenes

Following on…after a two year silence and wait…from the dynamic Cyclic Law records debut "Asleep and Well Hidden" comes Par Bostrom’s latest release "The Starwheel". Building on the success of "Asleep and Well Hidden" Par takes us on a journey of personal discovery. Utilising drones and electronic atmospheres this is a musical trip spread over eight tracks that is neither light / space / dark ambient but in a world of its own making. Music to contemplate and give oneself over to completely. A ritual and spiritual cleansing of the soul. To dream the dream and forget. Forget about time. Forget about worries. Closing the eyes to reflect…

The universe created. Planets aligning. Stars formed. Twilight gleaming . Atoms forming. Cells splitting. Rays from the sun giving warmth and hope. The beginning of evolution. Of Gods and men. A celebration of the seasons. Sacrifices made. Blood spilt on hallowed ground. Dreams of a richer existence. Nightmares of a future to come. Lost. Lost in the music. Pictures conjured in the brain of a perfect world which will never exist. Floating. Higher and higher. Through rain. Through clouds. Past the point of no return. Looking at a blue green planet called home. A tear shed for our pathetic destructive ways. The fears of accountability at our selfish stupidity. Thoughts. More damning thoughts…Brought back to earth. The musical cycle completed. Reality bites. The beautiful emotional trip over. For it is now. But is was great while it lasted.

Overblown? Over exaggerated? Been hitting the meths? I don’t think so. "The Starwheel" has a finger firmly on the pulse. It’s only restraint is the power of your own imagination. As ambient sound sculptures go this has met the panicle of excellence. Striding forth as a colossus. Swatting all before it. A monstrous creation unleashed. Stunningly rendered vistas for the mind and an absolutely essential purchase.


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