CDR: C+H Productions 00000013 [2005]

66 Tracks

Anal Cunt played most of their trash metal tracks in under a minute. Great name. Shit music. The Residents released a recording of songs all under a minute. Great band. Great recording. Japanese noise artist Kakawaka has released this recording of 66, you read that right, 66 tracks of which the shortest is 0.4 seconds long and the longest is 7.07 minutes. Not quite up to Anal Cunt standards but fucking pretty close. The good news is that not only can you buy ‘Computerpunk’ but if you’re a cheapskate shit you can download it for free. Technology we raise a glass in your direction. The so, so news is…do you really want to?

"Computerpunk" is derived from the fact that all the music was made on…surprise, surprise…computers and it has the early ‘fuck you’ attitude of punk…before most of them sold out to ‘the man’. Although primarily a noise recording of the extreme variety there are also many pieces that could be classified as dark ambient and…bloody fuck…tons of avant-garde bollocks. Whilst listening to "Computerpunk" there were hints of the Boredoms and fucking Sudden Infant lurking beneath the surface but mainly I was reminded of the UK’s own DIY nut jobs Cementimental whose work involves toys, old game systems and the suchlike.

Where "Computerpunk" falls down (and I hope Kakawaka reads this) is that within the 66 tracks there are many that would have benefited from being more drawn out and expanded on. There are some cracking pieces of music on here just waiting for further development. The short tracks, and the worst offenders, the vocal jiggery buggery just don’t work. Heard it all before and as luscious, for her age, Shania Twain sang: That don’t impress me much. Which is a pity because there’s much to like about "Computerpunk"…but you need to wade through some fucking awful crap to get to the good bits.

Still if you download it for nothing you can at least delete the bits that make you puke.If you buy it on the other hand…keep the remote control close at hand is the best advise I can offer you. So near…and yet so far this time around for Kawakawa.


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