CDR: C+H Productions 00000016 [2005]

Audio grafitti (Tag 1)
Town is ever renegade kick earth yonder be on a rain down
Chasing penguins down the free market
Scheirtes piano
Here a groin
Astonishing eyewash
The inner earl reacts known eels your bunt of assly rounds do
Prunk oh no dare erase rongrack
Audio grafitti (Tag 2)

The lunatic who took over the asylum returns. All praise the loony. Kawakawa…or the man who doesn’t give a flying fuck…serves up another slice of utter inventiveness / bollocks (delete as you feel) with this ten track ep. An ep of ten tracks!! Which would be an album worth of tunes for most normal artists. But Kawakawa isn’t a normal person by any stretch of the imagination. He lives in his own world…making up his own rules as he goes along…merrily unaware of life unfolding in front of his eyes. Don’t believe me? Read the review for his ‘classic’ release "Computerpunk" [read review here] …better still download the fucker…then get back to me. For "Atcashatpa" serves up more of the same. More avant-garde weirdness. More childish tomfoolery. More mind mangling noise. More sonic experiments with unusual objects. More throbs than you’ll ever need in a lifetime. More frazzled squiggles formed by whatever he had at hand at the time. More ding dang donging with hammers for fingers. More tunes that even the Devil would reject as being too much too soon and a sin to release onto mankind. More abrasive sound sculptures to endure and love. Rewind. Love? How in fucks name can you love this pervasive all encompassing noise bugger crap? Because he beats you into submission with it. He won’t let go. He force feeds you his work until you are sick on the carpet. He spits in your eye and pisses on your face. Such a nice guy. I’ll be your bitch. Take me roughly from behind you perverted monster. Or maybe…not.

For thus it is written in the great journal of musical endeavour that someone somewhere will achieve maximum joy from this unholy racket. They just don’t know it yet. Are you the one? Are you the soul mate that Kakawaka so desires? Come on baby. Take my hand. Don’t fear the Kakawaka. You’ll never know unless you give it a go. Can I have some more sir? More!! More!! Fuck off Oliver you Victorian urchin greedy cunt! Ten tracks is all you’re getting this time around. Thank the lord for small mercies.


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Direct Link: http://www.auralpressure.com/review/k/kakawaka_atcashatpa.html

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