CDR: Queasy Listening [2005]


I like a challenge, and conceptually, this is one of the more thorny releases I’ve heard for quite some time. On the one hand “yvnshrynd” is Wlight’s meditation on the sign of Virgo. The sonic manifestation of a Jungian journey into an environment laden with hermetic and heuristic symbolism. On the other hand , it is quite simply an elegantly and sensitively crafted soundscape, replete with originality, and mysticism. I honestly have not heard anything like it - no mean feat considering my age and long and undistiguished career in the world of experimental electronica.

Like any work of art, "yvnshrynd" can be appreciated at many levels, and I have no cause to doubt Mr Wlight’s integrity in matters of astrology or magick, neither of which I have any significant knowledge of. As a piece of sound art conceptually aligned with telluric currents, ley lines and other snippets of Forteana, these recordings are extraordinary, and unique. Each sequence of work exhibits a degree of restraint and lightness of touch that has an implied depth of field suggesting something altogether other worldly is at hand here. Sleeve notes and press release combined indicate Wlight’s work is gleaned from location recordings from his immediate environment that have evolved organically from serendipitous discoveries at “temporally significant points”, presumably in the astrological calendar.

Now whether or not the listener decides to embrace Wlight’s philosophy, or simply listen and appreciate the beautifully structured soundscapes he has created is of course, entirely up to them. I would have liked to have heard more, as the piece clocks in, (unsurprisingly in magickal terms) at a mere 23 minutes. Go and buy this.


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