CDR: Elvis Coffee Records ECR09 [2005]
Ltd x 75

In my tin

Elvis Coffee Records are that very rare breed. A label started up for the sole purpose of releasing their own music they now actively release any recordings that they feel are interesting no matter what that musical genre might be. Though initially predominately concerned with the burgeoning South Wales electronic / ambient / experimental scene they quite happily have thrown their doors open to all comers. Nothing rare in that you might say. What if I told you that they release these recordings to usually 50 - 75 copies only apiece. Again…nothing new there. Ah…but what if I told you that these recordings are FREE!! All you need is to pay for the postage. A rare breed indeed.

ECR have kindly sent along four of their latest releases for review, their back catalogue unsurprisingly having sold out ages ago, so next up for review is ECR 09 by Jebus. Comprising of members from Green End Listening Station, Directive 4 and Psychic Space Invasion, who can all be found on the compilation ‘The Breath of Forgotten Places’ this is the debut release on the ECR label but third release over all. ‘The ants are eating my head’ are three tracks of scuzzy improvised electronic / guitar and effects experimental drone and noise which was apparently laid down during one six hour session.. Taken as such each track, titled respectively ‘Theresa', 'Chunk' and 'In my tin’, is an amalgamation of laid back spacey type music and difficult nauseous distractions which grates gloop. Not for the faint of heart. Taking their references and influences from other pioneers of ‘wacky we’ve taken far too many drugs dude’ music, see if you can spot them all, ‘The ants are eating my head’ is either a seminal excursion into the outer limits of musical acceptance or a rancid pile of festering unoriginal shit. Reviewing this on a good day with an inquisitive and open mind I’ll opt for the former. On a different day I would plump for the latter. It really is that type of recording. Love or hate depending on your mood swings at the time.Though to quibble over something that is basically FREE would be extremely harsh and undeserving. You never know. ‘The ants are eating my head’ may just be the best freebie you’ve never heard.


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