CD: Segerhuva SEGER 9 [2003]

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I like Jarl. Always have since I got the "Out of balance" and "Sealed Void" recordings. There was something about the music that seemed to connect in just the right way with me. Don’t ask me how or why as I don’t know the answers to that myself. They do and that’s enough for me. I like to think of them as one of life’s little treasures that so few have managed to find. A secret cult hidden out of sight just waiting to be discovered by those with a genuine taste for the blackest ambient around.

With "Parallel / Collapsing" Jarl continue in the same vein as the previous recordings mentioned but have added a more drone like texture to some of the pieces and a more experimental aspect to the overall sound. The music at times ricochets off invisible walls, spinning pinball like in all directions, whilst dark waves of electronics bathes the listener in its neon glow. There’s a meditative aspect to the music that adds to the illusion of serenity with a slight touch of dark foreboding. How you view the music depends entirely on your state of mind when you approach it. I’ve listened to it whilst in a mild state of despondency and depression and found myself drowning in the empty spaces of desolation and isolation that have been conjured up. I’ve also listened to it whilst high on the gifts of life and fallen asleep to its comforting tones of hope and renewal. There’s a steady stream of opposites at work here within the framework of the recording and its up to the individual to decipher their meanings for themselves.

"Parallel / Collapsing" is a massive step forward in the musical canon of Jarl and is one of the best ambient releases of this year. The visionary aspects that encapsulate the recording cannot and should not be ignored. Those of you seeking the path to musical redemption need look no further. Jarl brings you a gift you would be foolish to ignore or refuse.



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