CD: Annihilvs APEX001 [2005]
Ltd x 500


Total unequivocal joy. That’s my feelings whenever Eric Jarl… of IRM fame / infamy… releases another recording. The cockles of my hardened heart are fully warmed. As Team America might exclaim ‘Eric Jarl…Fuck yeah!!’ "Fragile Confrontation" is the fifth release by this Swedish blackest of black ambient sound sculpture masters and sees him back in the Annihilvs fold after sojourns to the Malignant, Segerhuva and Tantric Harmonies record labels. Buckle up boys…you’re in for one hell of a ride.

And one hell of a ride the six track "Fragile Confrontation" is. A roller coaster that takes you up , down, slow, fast, round and round and sends your head spinning and stomach churning in the vortexes of cold barren maelstroms. For within this music you will find the most meticulous and skilfully crafted of frigid electronic soundscapes that are totally engaging. The sparse yet full of life frazzled reverberating drones burn deep into the memory. Undercurrents of impending horrors unseen are underscored leaving it all to ones fertile imagination to fill in the blanks. Mysterious hubbub envelopes the ears as forms take shape through the thick fog of alluring resonance. Darkness fully realised through immaculate presentation.

Mark my words well. "Fragile Confrontation" is one of the leading contenders for dark ambient release of the year so far. With every impressive release his reputation grows as his music metamorphoses into advanced dimensions of the ambient dynamic. Eric Jarl…Fuck yeah!!



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