CD: Tantric Harmonies X21 [2005]
Ltd x 499

akatisi/somnolens I
akatisi/somnolens II
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Perhaps it was always meant to be. Perhaps chance never entered into it. Perhaps circumstances dictated that this was so right that to ignore it would be a travesty. Whatever the reason Erik Jarl has found a label finely attuned to his vision and one that he can feel at home with. Who and what label you may be asking? The label in question is Tantric Harmonies the leading independent label for all things experimental / ambient / drone / ethnic and many so much more with an impressive back catalogue of, normally limited, intriguing and exotic recordings. Erik Jarl is / was one half of the cult Swedish noise act IRM. "Akatisi / Somnolens" is, I believe, his fourth CD release under the Jarl moniker to date. I’ve reviewed two of his previous works, namely "Out of Balance" on the Malignant record label [read here] and "Parallel / Collapsing" on the Segerhuva label [read here] on this very site and both come highly recommended. The only one I haven’t reviewed, but also worth seeking out, is the "Sealed Void" release on the Annihilvs label.

Cometh a new label cometh a change in musical style, although in truth not a million miles away from his previous ambient experimental outings, and cometh a flood of ideas that perfectly encapsulate everything under the electronic ambient drone soundscapes banner…if such a thing exists…which it does now because I’ve just mentioned / created it. Over the 6 tracks and 45+ minutes Erik has taken the concept of drone music and revitalised and buffed this sometimes staid and boring music into a shimmering gossamer sheen. Drifting pastoral passages are continually looped into hypnotic rippling waves of sound that appear almost ethereal in structure. Slight faint jarring effects are carefully layered into the mix along with flecks of faint Industrial and ritualistic bias that reaches out towards black malevolent ambience before being drawn back clutching despondently at the air. "Akatisi / Somnolens" is music to meditate to. To dream sweet dreams to. To fully immerse yourself and lose all track of time to. Time becomes totally irrelevant, a non event, when listening to music that bathes and cloaks the senses in full spectrum of a rainbow. Erik and his amazing Technicolor drone overcoat.

Around this part of a review I suppose I’ve got to try and mention like minded recording artists in case the words I’ve written haven’t conveyed the musical style adequately enough. Fair enough…though it will be a difficult task…so having had a quick trawl through my record collection I offer up the following: MRSA-16, Troum and Elektro Nova. Elements of each can be found ever so partially on "Akatisi / Somnolens" but Erik has retained a unique individuality and foresight which has been stamped firmly across this recording. If his earlier works were his evolution then "Akatisi / Somnolens" marks his re-birth as a genuine musical maestro. Artist and label in a marriage made just for each other.


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