CD: Tesco Organisation 064 [2005]

Qoumran Inflight
The Need For A Holy Spirit
A Secret Hidden In The Golden Sand
Habelsbolet - Port Said

Freed from the shackles of the expectations surrounding their individual projects, Lina Baby Doll of Deutsch Nepal and Benny Nilsen of Hazard have let loose on this, their third outing for Janitor, traversing into whatever unusual industrial / experiential spheres that take their fancy.

The core of opening track ‘Qoumran Inflight’ might consist rhythmic programming, but this is such that it does not infringe on the piece from setting the tone flawlessly with ritual ambient flair. Upping the rhythmic approach slightly, ‘Humanity’ is a great electronic industrial slab with some with some particularly fine vocal crooning courtesy of Lina, before ‘The Need for a Holy Spirit’ settles down into a 33 minute droning electronic soundscape. The vocals of Lina on ‘Bridges’ this time around remind somewhat of David Bowie in delivery, yet such a comparison can not be made with respect of the music which is a semi composed plodding rhythmic organ dirge! As for the final piece of the six tracks, ‘Habelsbolet - Port Said’ rounds out the album with a track built on a more forceful tone of throbbing rhymns, urgent drones & driving organ melody.

Given Janitor is a side project of two skilled underground music practitioners, "Qoumran 4-Ever" is another a quirky ride through their particular brand of experimental industrial & ambience.


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