CDR: Tesco Organisation 061 [2005]

Twilight Revisions
Blue Gum Canopy
The Smell Of Her Neck
Sons Of Our Fathers
Money Shot
Hanged Man's Orgasm
United Front Disco
The Golden Cliffs

Prior to Isomer’s excellent debut album (the ritual dark ambient "Serpent Age" - read review here), solo project member David Tonkin released a number of demo tapes that were quite diverse in scope, sound & inspiration. In light of the recent release of Isomer’s sophomore album, it is immediately evident that it harks back to this earlier ethos, where "Zero Lounge’s" wide ranging sound palate is certainly more eclectic then its predecessor.

Forging tracks that broadly spans dark ambient & electronic soundscape territories, there are additional aspects that veer towards the harshness of a power electronics style. Likewise to provide some home grown inspiration, some unique field recordings of the Australian bush have been cleverly worked into a number of tracks. This is of particularly of note on ‘Blue Gum Canopy’ where sampled native bird calls intertwine with a strumming of an acoustic guitar that has been sampled and looping in quite an unusual but effective manor.

While the album represents a diverse collection of tracks, recognisable hallmarks of Isomer remain in the form of obscure spoken word samples cleverly placed within the context of a stylistically droning sound production. The result? A worthy second album with artwork that has a particular flair for some tongue in cheek controversy.


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