CD: Tesco 054 [2002]

Star of Sarajevo
The Sun Shall Reign
Every Man a Star
Red-Haired Dog
Serpent Age
Body Language

Tesco (and its the label I'm talking about not the huge supermarket chain) have been responsible for releasing some of the most diverse and incredible music, covering many different genres, that I‚ve ever had the pleasure to hear. Based in Germany and based on great taste and style they have once again come up trumps with this CD by Isomer.

The "Serpent Age" release is a grandiose exercise of 'Black Ambient' excesses. Majestic sweeping passages of haunting dispirited sounds, distilled throughout its eight tracks, drags you kicking into a musical world pitched in total darkness. Echoes reverberate and throb whilst minuscule glitches fight for your attention. Fragments of a barely audible beat dissolve around intricate patterns of electronic waveforms. "Serpent Age" is recommended to be heard at night with the lights turned out and with no outside interference. Under these conditions it comes alive and envelopes you like a tender lover, holding and squeezing you tightly, never letting you go. Try it. You'll see what I'm getting at. This is one of the finest examples of 'Black Ambient' music I've heard in many a long time and, of course, is mega highly rated. Nice one Isomer. Nice one Tesco.


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