7": Coffee-Hut Records [2005]
Ltd x 100 brown vinyl / unlimited black vinyl

Not Moving

Heat Death (Live)
[Bolt] Hex

Vinyl preserves the density and detail of this production. Thanks.

Iron Oxide are a duo from Cleveland, Ohio. The release on review here is a four song EP entitled BASS RESPONSE. Iron Oxide are Jeff Curtis (bass and vocals) and K. Stewart (bass, Farfisa, and vocals, among other instruments). Some may recognise Jeff Curtis' name from the underground project My Dad is Dead or the Guided By Voices side project Gem. BASS RESPONSE is released on the duo's own Coffee-Hut Records label. Vinyl is a beautiful thing and lends itself very well to the sonics of Iron Oxide. Thanks.

Though the accompanying promo promises a "...whole new sound that pushes past all their peers." there is little new here. Just the same, the track, 'Heat Death' stands out as an interesting study in the art of the drone. Recorded live, it's a hard noise journey with some absorbing details hidden in its nooks and crannys. There is also a cover of DNA's 'Not Moving' which receives the minimalist Iron Oxide instrumental treatment of bass and Farfisa. Fun.


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