CD: RAIG R003 [2003]

Irmos 1
Irmos 2
Irmos 3
Irmos 4
Irmos 5
Irmos 6
Irmos 7
Irmos 8
Irmos 9

This comes in a fantastic package with a rather interesting insert card featuring an interesting picture of some sort of device. It looks like the locking device and key for the chastity belt of Lucifer (he who walks backwards)?

'Irmos 1' is provides an interesting rhythmical and staccato opening with defined and sinister melody. This continues with the inclusion of some type of distorted vocal. Quite a unique sound, and very hard to pigeon-hole. 'Irmos 2' has another strong melodic based industrial opening with a more industrial feel developing, yet there is a continual emphasis on melody as well as rhythm in this track. Some nice dark vocal effects add to an overall dark and undefined atmosphere created by this interesting music. There’s a certain freedom about this music that is had to quantify. 'Irmos 3' is again quite unpredictable, but in that you can start to draw comparisons between this and the Hafler Trio (A thirsty Fish etc etc). Again there is good use of sinister melody, similar to track 1 to help bind the track together. 'Irmos 4' opens with strong rhythms (quite industrial) along with a recurring melody. Some great vocals are introduced here to good effect (no details in the packaging as to what the lyrics for this track are about?). 'Irmos 5' is a bit more sedate, albeit random. There is a good variation of textures here, random rhythm and abrasive samples and vocal effects. 'Irmos 6' opens abruptly using a heavy dark ambient soundscape with an unpredictable melody (and the occasional chirp of a bird). As the track develops it utilises deep drone soundscapes over which changeable samples and vocal effects and melody are overlaid. 'Irmos 7' welcomes back our original melody again, mixed with some dark samples and soundscapes. Similar to previous tracks, 'Irmos 8' is dark ambient based with an unpredictable atmosphere to it. Again interesting melody and good use of vocal effect give this music a unique feel. The last track opens with a distorted vocal effect and gradually fades to an end.


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