CD: RAIG R009 [2005]
Ltd x 350


If prizes were awarded for packaging then the first place rosette would be firmly planted onto "Dynatos". This CD is wrapped up in a gorgeous silk piece of cloth then held together inside a laced hard book folder. Absolute perfection in presentation and a credit to the artists and label. Of course great packaging means diddly squat if the music cannot attain equally high standards but Irmologion hasn’t fallen fowl with this release.

A quick word about R.A.I.G before I go on any further. Formed in 2002 The Russian Association of Independent Genres supports artists involved in challenging or what may be perceived as challenging music that goes beyond the restrictive boundaries of normal musical convention. They offer limited editions by Russian musical innovators and are to be seriously applauded for their efforts. If only more record labels would take this approach we, as music aficionados, would receive a far greater variety of music that we deserve to hear instead of being spoon fed the usual pap shoved our way…no matter how good that pap may be.

Following on from their S/T release (which I actually bought because of the high praise it received) "Dynatos" is one 77 minute piece that could not only easily sit within both the avant-garde and experimental genres but also within many others at the same time. "Dynatos" is that type of recording. It moves seamlessly from almost neo classical to electronic sound sculptures to Middle Eastern structured influences and religious incantations through Musique Concrete onto black ambience and beyond. Though not necessarily in that order. Talk about taking ones breath away. The sheer depth and scope that "Dynatos" delivers beggars belief. Caught in a flux the music expands in every direction but is reigned in before escaping. Atmospheric and thought provoking it’s a piece of music that dares to be different.

The word "Dynatos" in Greek means powerful and robust…amongst other things…though it was used to describe significant persons in imperial ecclesiastical hierarchy. Which in respect is what this work is all about. The music conjuring up emotions of strength and resilience. Of the human spirit at odds with the power of will. Just as human endeavour succeeds or fails this music uplifts and deflates bringing a joyous and depressive refrain all within the same time. So yes you could call it strange and quirky. Even difficult in places. That though would be missing the point.

"Dynatos" is a celebration to creativity. Pushing aside negative preconceptions the goal. There are no boundaries to this music. It will travel where it wants. Only the self made barriers of the listener can halt its progress. Open your mind and let the music flow. A top quality release that cements the growing reputation of this act and one that shouldn’t be ignored.


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