CD: Cyclic Law 6th Cycle [2004]
Ltd x 500

An dorcha

There’s something decidedly cinematic about using the elements in ambient music, it has an ability just to nudge drones away from creating transmogrified realities toward transmogrifying your own current reality. So begins Invercauld’s long awaited “official” debut on Canada’s dark ambient monolith, Cyclic Law.

As the debut release, outside a smattering of CDR releases, this reviewer only having the Stormy Night release, you can notice several themes that have flowed into this the 6th release from Cyclic Law. Doyle Finley is the man behind Invercauld whose album explores the misted and overcast landscape of ancient Gaelic history; Invercauld itself is a castle itself in Scotland, though the artist’s home country is America.

Downpours drench nearly every track pelting the ruins where ghosts linger, blacksmiths clamour and the forlorn resonance of bells, under the growl of a bubbling thunder roiling across blasted, miserable hills and lochs long forgotten by an urban-obsessed world. The storm beetles its way into the granite mountains feeling out tunnels and crevasses, rocks cracking under the subtle pressure of the storm as it seeks out the memory of the people who once revered the land and sky, where ritual and memory defined a culture’s intimate association with nature and creation, as something other than in/convenience – earth quakes, boulders tear and are lost to vast caverns. Solace of the Celtic memory briefly pierces the storm in vestigial drifts of pipes and melody, veritable evanescing phantasmagoria that drive the seeking storm from despairing behemoth into one rancorous at the affront of those people stolen under its immemorial slumber into lands empty of soil and untainted sky. With that irremeable enlightenment the rain ceases on the last track, the storm swirls back to the sky, menace on its tongue as it reticulates a vengeful net of storm clouds across the heavens, across the cities.

Released as an edition of 500 in a richly textured digipak, Tiamhaidh will appeal to fans of Northaunt or other bleakly-inspiring dark ambient musicians.


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