CDR: Beast Of Prey / Terra Inferna [2004]
Ltd x 100

In - 6P21
Virus Dei
Dementia Praecox
Transmutatio Mecamythae
Hybrid Helix
Mors Et Reincarnatio
Sathalon (False Phantasiae)
Rigor Mortis
Out - 6P24

When I was serving with the RAF back in 1982 I came across a goose with a broken wing whilst out patrolling with my guard dog. Its pathetic attempts to struggle and cling to life touched me greatly. I did the only thing I could to help alleviate its distress. I set my Alsatian dog on it. The squawks of terror followed by the mixture of blood and feathers that festooned the tarmac made me smile. I realised then that although I had a compassionate side there was also a darker part of me that needed occasional release. It was / is just a simple case of keeping a balance between the two opposites in check that stops me from being an outright goody two shoes and an evil psychopath. I find that this has carried onto the is way I collect and listen to my music. Upbeat and pleasant music is ok but add portions of black and bleakness and I’m in 7th heaven.

Insuffer have got this combination of Light & Dark spot on with their release "Virus Dei". The first track ‘In-6p21’is a piece of black electronic ambience with added spoken words in Polish which is a great beginning to the recording. Then it changes tack for the second track ‘Virus Dei’ which is more upbeat and orchestral driven piece but still with the Polish vocals floating in the background. Track three ‘Dementia Praecox’ is a sombre and reflective piece of music full of melancholy and sadness that plucks at the heartstrings capable of bringing tears to the eye. By track four ‘Transmutatio Mecamythae’ the cycle of darkness returns with a short blast of uneasy listening that goes against seeds sown by ‘Dementia Praecox’. And so it goes on over the eleven tracks of the CD. Always changing. Always throwing up new ideas in an unexpected way that takes you by complete surprise. The black and the white with no grey areas in between. Sitting here writing this review with "Virus Dei" playing for the umpteenth time in the background I’m amazed at how it melds so perfectly together and this is why I have a huge grin on my face that would shame a Cheshire cat. I hate cats as well. You should have seen what I did to my neighbours cat after it scratched my car. I’ll tell you about it one day. You’ll need a strong stomach though.

Usually as I near the end of a review for a CD that has exceeded all my expectations I would write imploring you to go out and buy it. So I will. And I have. There is nothing more to add.


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