CD: Steinklang Industries SKD09 [2005]
Ltd x 500

The Beginning Of Love With A Chainsaw
Sometimes Even A Lady Becomes A Beast
I Was One Of Her Stallions
Who Is This Man?
With Handcuffs Our Love Story Found An End
Karaoke! (We Were Amused At The Local Bar)

"With her I had some tropical feelings" is the follow up to the excellent "Eleven Anticlerical Supersongs"…and a plague of locusts should fall upon you if you failed to purchase that beauty…and the forth release in total by Institution D.O.L. This latest release takes part of the blueprint implemented on "Eleven Anticlerical Supersongs" and conjures up an even better recording…which is some feat not withstanding. I call it the ‘once in a blue moon recording’. Where everything just clicks into place. Not a single note wasted or found wanting. No a duff tracks amongst the 6 on offer. When even the longest track just isn’t long enough in duration to sate the appetite. The compulsion to keep replaying it so great you have to forcibly walk away from the stereo and get on with your life. But still you return to it. Led by some primordial desire you cannot fully comprehend. Lemmings repeatedly seeking out the nearest cliff top. People of all persuasions, colour and greed…"With her I had some tropical feelings" is that recording.

Pitched and mixing between decedent back to basics electronic retro chic and futuristic atmospheric black ambience…ably supplemented by looped female spoken samples of the harsh / gentle and occasionally sexual type…"With her I had some tropical feelings" is not some overproduced and over hyped piece of bum fluff easily discarded and forgotten about. In fact it’s a recording steeped in love. All be it a fatalistic painful love with no happy ending. The endearing story of an imploding relationship put to the sort of music only Institution D.O.L could perceive. Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with? The decision by the artist to what initially appears in places as simplifying and slimming down the music…recalling a slower harsher DAF in places…works because of that approach. He keeps it lean by looping just a handful of notes into a semi rhythmic pattern which results in a hypnotic tour de force brought fully up to date. Dig deeper though and suddenly the music becomes more complex with dazzling shimmering arrays of deep patterns flitting each and everywhere. Faint glimpses of electronic turbulence never distract but add to the overall mesmerising effect. Just when it seems it can’t get any better Institution D.O.L throws everything that went before it totally on its head and slams the listener with the funniest end track I’ve ever had the pleasure of pissing my pants to. ‘Karaoke! (We were amused at the local bar)’ sounds like a drunken Elvis impersonator singing a maudlin Country and Western ballad. Que? If nothing else this track alone demonstrates the playful inventiveness that underlines Institution D.O.L’s modus operandi of expect the unexpected.

Embrace wholly Institution D.O.L. Covet Institution D.O.L. Love passionately Institution D.O.L. This man could be your life if you’ll only let him in.


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