CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI106 [2002]

Patiently Waiting
Move to Strike
New Armour
Dear Sir or Madame
Once a Man
Pick it Up
Move Over Once
Struggle for Life

Abrasive and confrontational. Quality power electronics. Very reminiscent of the mighty Con-Dom with elements of early Namanax and Big Roadbreaker. This album is a real find. Unfortunately, like other artists in this genre, they have supplied no information in the DC insert, just a couple of cool pictures. The insert is supplied with a wipe clean surface in case you get stains on it.

This is true uncompromising industrial. This is hard, this is very hard! Do not listen to this through headphones. Use only quality high-fidelity equipment. Turn the volume up to 11. Your neighbours will not like you playing this, but if you like this your neighbours probably don’t like you anyway.

This is perfect relaxation music after a hard day at work. It helps reinforce your belief that you are better than everyone else! I also find it good to do house work to.


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