CD: Cold Meat Industry: CMI143 [2005]
Ltd x 1000

Destroy their Organizations
With no Return
Come Pure
The Geto Fights
It should be well understod
Every Prison Cell unite us all
Long live the Brotherhood in Arms and Blood

Respect given where respect is due. Lirim Cajani, Institut, sent in a copy of this release himself because he wanted AP to do a review of it and CMI, at this point, hadn’t sent one in. I only hope he likes what he reads otherwise that’s the last thing we’ll ever receive off him. Following on from the "Live like traitors, die like traitors" release…found elsewhere but not my review I hasten to add…this latest opus sees Institut working without band member Johanna Rosenqvist for the first time. Fans of hers…for whatever dubious reasons…will be heartened to learn she has her own solo outing released some time soon. But we’re not here to sing her praises at this time. Lirim is the man of the moment and that moment belongs solely to Institut. Let the fun commence.

"The struggle never ended" is hardcore. Exceedingly hardcore to the max. Eight tracks of the most unforgiving, unremitting, unsettling extreme power electronics that is no walk in the park. If shouted, fanatical, bellowing and distorted vocals over never ending "what the fuck is that" scorching electronics that flambé s all before it then praise the lard…deliberate spelling Jo…for this is just for you. Another in a long line…if you put all the extreme music artists in one continuous long line they would stretch from John O’Groats to Lands End…of releases for all the outsiders for whom extreme noise is the be all and end all. Lirim then is the James Dean for the twisted generation. Rebel without a tune. There’s probably a serious message being spouted on this recording…love & hate & politics & injustice…but the vocals are so hard to decipher that you have to make your own mind up on the content. Only the samples used give some clue as to what the recording is about. Then again. No-body buys this type of recording for the ‘message’. They buy it because extreme noise has a place in their lives. The enjoyment of being subjected to a form of music that’s sadistically masochistic. Lirim dishes it out. We gratefully accept the punishment. "Forgive me father for I have sinned". "That’s all right child. Say five hail Mary’s and listen to Institut for three hours". Purges all guilt in the end.

Which just leaves me to finish by saying that this new recording by Institut is exactly how you think it will sound. No compromises. No surprises. Nothing but complete and utter aural chaos that screws with your head. Could we ask for anything less from this brilliant sonic terrorist?


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