CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-19 [2006]
Ltd x 196

Tool Ball

"9YMBO" is the debut release from Siberian act Instant Movie Combinations to be released on the ever popular and highly diverse / challenging Russian Abgurd Subdivision record label. As with the majority of their releases this is very limited. In fact only 196 copies CDRs are available and it comes housed within an A5 sized piece of printed black card with strange etchings adorning it. Enclosed with the CDR are two pieces of 8mm film negative (I suppose this goes with the groups name) and it does add a certain touch to overall presentation. The CDR comprises a total of eight tracks with a run time of just under 50 minutes.

Instant Movie Combinations are a bit of a coup for the Abgurd Subdivision label. They fall into the ambient drone musical category with a slight nod in the direction of the noise home front. You could almost call it Industrial drone in fact (if you were so inclined to do so) but the choice would be entirely up to you. "9YMBO" is the sort of recording that fails to be fully fitted into any general category, round peg / square hole scenario, which makes it stand out from the crowd somewhat. There’s a warmth to the chilling effects (if that makes any sense) and the additional hiss / hums / crackles are very appealing when applied. The oscillating waveform blueprints of each track are drawn out and enhanced by supple background changes that almost go unnoticed to the untrained ear. At times the many different facets of each track threaten to overwhelm before being skilfully reigned in. The music is elaborate and delicately balanced to create an aura of refrained beauty amidst the muted harsh tones which accompany them. If you could picture a flower growing on a machine as it slowly grinds and pummels away then that is what "9YMBO" sounds like. Uncompromising yet graceful. Unyielding yet velvety. Demanding yet intoxicating. For every negative is over-ruled by the positives.

And that is how I personally like my music to be. I want to be transfixed and wallow in every note. I want my ears / thoughts to be tested and bombarded by different combinations that seem, initially, totally out of place and context. Most of all though I just want to enjoy the experience that the artist(s) has painstakingly created. I can’t find any faults with the music that Instant Movie Combinations has created. Believe me when I say I tried. It has a broad musical appeal that will seriously impress the few lucky enough to find themselves a copy. File under ‘act of massive future potential’.


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