CDR: Beast Of Prey / Terra Inferna [2004]
Ltd x 111

Insomnia I
Insomnia II
Insomnia III
Insomnia IV
Insomnia V
Insomnia VI
Insomnia VII
Insomnia VIII
Insomnia IX

Insomnia X

Insomnia XI
Insomnia XII

Confession time. I know you’ll forgive me. Eventually. I killed my neighbours cat. The little fuck had scratched my brand new car so it had to die. Painfully. When they went away for a weekend I used my wife’s anti-depressants to dope the little shit then strangled it slightly before nailing it to their back door. A feline Jesus that died for its sins. Their screams of horror upon returning still fill me with a joy unsurpassed even today. Other peoples torment is my gratification.

I sleep soundly at night never regretting anything I’ve done. I don’t suffer from insomnia. I don’t know if Insphera do but they have their limited edition release dedicated to those who suffer from it. If you were a caring person wishing to help those with sleep problems you would probably write some very soothing music with the odd chirps of birds or light winds flowing over grass or maybe even whale song to lull them to close their eyes and drift away in a land of dreams. Fuck that. Insphera instead have taken the route of trying to get under the skin of someone who suffers from insomnia and put it to a delicious concoction of dark ambient noise. Instead of little birds singing you get the sound of abstract electronics, both harsh and fairly light in structure, impregnating the senses. Instead of the wind over grass you get dense waves of electronics depicting misery, depression and sleep depravation. As for the Whale song. Well if the Whale was swimming off the coast of Japan with a fucking harpoon stuck in its blowhole then it would sound something like this. The maelstroms of noise that thunders like a train going off the tracks is cancelled out by the subdued barren ambience that is at the core of this recording. The tension that is built slowly and methodically intensifies relentlessly to almost unbearable levels totally drawing you into this world of personal dread and woe.

As a concept album to the effects of insomnia this succeeds on all levels. As a piece of blackest ambient music this shines like an exploding star. Pity there’s only 111 copies available. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bugs bite.


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