CDR: Beast Of Prey BOP 2.0 [2005]
Ltd x 333

Adoratorzy Bezmocy
Iluzjonista Krwi
Melodia z Ostatniej Epoki
Czarci Róg
Upiór II
Batailles Nocturnes...

Death and taxes. The only certainties in life. You can also add to those two gems that Elgin City will never win the European Champions cup, that a woman will fake an orgasm just to get the sex act over with and…that Beast of Prey will keep releasing the most unusual and highly distinctive limited edition CD / CDR recordings.

Infamis continues with this tradition with "Upior", which mixes neo / apocalyptic folk with operatic orchestral / martial and black ambient pieces and is based upon an excerpt from Friedrich Nietzsches’s "Thus Spoke Zaratustra" …my favourite bedtime read. Suffer from insomnia? Trying wading through that fucker and you’ll be out within a minute.

There’s a quasi religious theme running through "Upior"…although I wouldn’t know a religious theme if it stuck a crucifix up my fat arse…which is brought to the fore by the choirs and Latin chants. I don’t believe in letting cod doctrinal philosophy of any sort get in the way of divine exquisite music. One of life’s bonus’s for being a devout atheist.

Diverting quickly away from my intellectual inadequacies the eight tracks on this limited release CDR of 333 copies…which spookily is half of one of those rare breed of recordings that surpassed all of my expectations…and coming from the Beast of Prey stable I anticipated, nay even demanded, great things from Infamis. From the first throat grabbing orchestral hymnal track to the last martial sounding piece the eight tracks are…perfection fully conceived. If music is good for the soul then in this context "Upior" is a spiritually rewarding uplifting experience. I shit you not when I categorically state that "Upior" defies adequate description and comparisons to other artists are absolutely futile. The best writers in the world today would flounder hopelessly, dictionary and thesaurus ripped & discarded, trying to convey the sheer passion and beauty to be found on here.

The diversity of mixed musical styles, seamlessly integrated, have created the nearest thing to musical utopia. Infamis will convert even the most sceptical unbelievers amongst you to the true righteous path of aural fulfilment. Amen to that motherfuckers.


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