CD: Old Europa Café OECD 067 [2004]

Life is Knife
Head On
Breath with Me
Hour of Liberation
I Keep On
Open Up
My WordsThey Be
Cut Them Off

The war in Iraq is rapidly becoming the new Vietnam. The Third World has been relegated thanks to corruption and the ravages of Aids. Poverty is the new King and the dead bodies are clogging up the streets. Taxes keep rising and the rich just get richer at everyone else’s expense. Happy days are definitely here again. What we need to drive away the blues is a bright and breezy pop record to make us forget the misery we are all slowly drowning in.

This isn’t that record. John Balistreri & Henrik N Bjorkk, (Nordvargr to you and me), are Incinerator International and "Head On" is 10 tracks of pounding, soaring power electronics overlaid with aggressively screamed distorted vocals. Difficult music for difficult times. Best keep the paracetamol close at hand. Wallow deep in the mire of oppressive noise and let the waves of nausea bludgeon you into submission. Accept defeat gracefully. This is the soundtrack to your life. Live with it and love it. Incinerator International will take no prisoners. Coming on like a genetic experiment gone wrong between HH9 & Whitehouse resistance is ultimately futile. Things can only get better? I don’t think so.


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