CDR: Bunkier Productions BV [2004]
Ltd x 160

Seeds Of The Past
The Emptiness Inside
The Wildflower's Song
I Wonder
Oh Coal Black Smith
Twilight's Escape

This rather raw recording from American folk artist, Terry Collia, who comprises In Ruin, is a collection of demo recordings with two bonus tracks added on this release from Bunkier Productions in a limited CDR edition of 160 copies. While remastered the album is far from perfect, yet it provides an interesting insight into an ardent musician as a confrere of Death in June's "Rose Clouds..." and especially Of the Wand and the Moon.

Comprising purely of vocals and acoustic guitar save for the cover of Current 93's, 'Oh Coal Black Smith', Terry Collia weaves mist veiled forms with refinement and sullen expression. Collia's whispering voice coats each track in a decayed splendour, like verdigris on brass, with his intricate guitar work finding voice in subtle etude‚s and strength in rhythmic candor. The cover of Current 93's, 'Oh Coal Black Smith' breaks the dusky warmth of the first five tracks with harsh industrial rhythm with the guest work of Alex Hathaway contributing to the pounding assault. The last two bonus tracks on the album show a promise of things to come, not to overlook a slightly better production, despite the stronger Death in June familiarity on 'Twilight's Escape', while the last offering, 'Solace', breathes life into In Ruin's style with energetic electric guitar solo phrasings.


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